The Meg

1. I am never going swimming in the sea again.

2. I am NEVER going swimming in the sea again…

What a bonkers movie. Classic Statham (does he try accents?). Wise cracking chip on his shoulder.

Giant fucking shark…

And Dwight from the office.

I thought it was great. Shat my pants at least twice. And I am never going swimming in the sea again.



Straight to the point. This is a terrific film.

I didn’t know anything about the plot or characters and went in with an open mind.

I loved it.

Zachary Levi was perfect as the main character, his “family” was awesome (I loved all of them) and mark strong was great as the villain.

It’s not perfect, but compared to the direction of some of the other DCU movies, this was a breath of fresh air, funny and engaging.

Would totally recommend it and would also go see it again.

Great flick!

Man of steel

I remember when this first came out. I saw it at the cinema, I liked it, I loved it as an origin story and I thought it was a great start for the dcu.

Sadly WB fucked up the rest of their films…

it’s not perfect, when I watch it back I feel like there is too much happening. They sort of skip the character development, but I guess… the origin has been done before, we all know the story…

cavill is great in the title role although there’s something weird with his teeth. The rest of the cast are decent but Michael Shannon as zod, the tortured soldier, is the stand out performance.

I’ll watch it again, I’m sure. But not so sure I’ll watch the rest of the shit show they are producing.

Crocodile Dundee

Like a lot of people my age, I’ve seen this movie multiple times. It was on tv a lot when I was a kid but I guess I only ever saw the tv edit, there’s some extra stuff in the proper version.

It’s over 30 years old and tbh it’s not aged as badly as some other films. It’s still funny and charming in lots of places, Hogan is fucking brilliant as the main character, it’s really hard to imagine someone else playing that role so naturally. some of the terminology and jokes don’t hit now, afternoon a lot of attitudes have changed over the course of time but again, lots of other movies from the 80s and 90s are worse now.

Overall it’s a nostalgic experience to watch it again. One of the stand out things is the sound track. Brilliant sound track.

4 nights in the bush.

P.s. the subway scene at the end made me cry. I’m really tired at the moment…




I’m confused by this one. I enjoyed it. But tbh it’s a weird one. Again it’s a “marvel” movie, but it’s outside of the mcu, due to Sony licensing the Spider-Man characters… having said that there are now 2 Spider-Man movies which are very much a part of the mcu… so.. where does this fit in? I dunno… also what is it? An action movie? A horror flick? A superhero film? It’s sort of non of them and all of them at the same time.

But… as I said. I enjoyed it.

Riz Ahmed is great, Tom hardy is great. The rest of the cast are there, they are in the film… there are some cool scenes, bike chases and stuff but the cgi battles looked shit to me. When you compare it to the work they did on Thanos, it’s a different league and it didn’t work. Also the whole “explanation” of why venom isn’t going to just murder everyone was waaaaay too short.

But I enjoyed it…

I give it 3 outta 5. I’ll watch the sequel when it comes out, but mostly for woody h!